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Participation in the JEM-EUSO mission

In 2009 our group has joined the JEM-EUSO project - Extreme Universe Space Observatory onboard the Japanese Experiment Module on the International Space Station. JEM-EUSO is planned to be launched in 2016.
The project main objective is to use the Earth's atmosphere as a detector of the extreme energy particles coming from space. A super wide-field telescope will observe flashes of fluorescent light produced by Extensive Air Showers induced in collisions of particles with energies above 1019 eV with nuclei in the atmosphere.

Polish group in the JEM-EUSO collaboration:

  • T. Batsch, J. Karczmarczyk, B. Szabelska, J. Szabelski and T. Wibig (IPJ)
  • T. Tymieniecka (University of Podlasie and IPJ)
  • J. Blecki, P. Orleanski, H. Rothkaehl, K. Slonimska (Space Research Center, Warsaw)
  • M. Rybczynski and Z. Wlodarczyk (University of Kielce)
  • G. Siemieniec-Ozieblo (Jagiellonian University)

Contribution of the Polish group:

  • Scientific simulations of air showers
  • Monitoring of the atmospheric Transient Luminous Events
  • Production of parts of the satellite
  • Photomultiplier calibration
  • Analysis of scientific data
Detection principle
Principle of the JEM-EUSO telescope for detecting extremely energetic particles.