National Centre for Nuclear Research
Astrophysics Division
Cosmic Ray Laboratory

90-558 Łódź
ul. 28 Pułku Strzelców Kaniowskich 69
tel./fax (+48 +42) 6786431
tel./fax (+48 +42) 6783223


  • Anna Zwolińska
    Studies of polarization of photons from gamma ray bursts based on computer simulations of photon detection in the satellite experiment POLAR
    Grant NCN nr 2015/17/N/ST9/03556

  • Zbigniew Plebaniak
    Experiment EUSO-TA - detector calibration and the highest energy cosmic ray measurements in coincidence with the Telescope Array experiment
    Grant NCN nr 2015/19/N/ST9/03708

  • Zbigniew Plebaniak
    Studies of the influence of the high energy interaction model parameters on the development of EAS and measurement capabilities of the JEM-EUSO experiment
    Grant NCN nr 2016/20/T/ST9/00589