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Outreach activities

International Masterclasses "Hands on Particle Physics"

Masterclass 2005



Our outreach activities are addressed mainly to high-school students and their teachers.
In the World Year of Physics 2005 we organized in Lodz European Masterclass workshops for high school students with video conference from CERN. During the workshop the students listened to the lectures from high energy physics area and analysed data from real experiment in CERN.
Masterclass workshops were organized in three Lodz high schools:

The workshop on March 19, 2005 ended with a Quiz for all participants. Students had to answer 24 questions from high energy physics. The questions were closely related to the lectures and exercises during the workshop.
Two girls from IV LO in Lodz

Dominika Michalik and Anna Muszel

scored the best result in Europe: 21 correct answers !

Since then, we have organized European Masterclass workshops each year.
In 2006 and 2007 we had 3 editions of workshops in Lodz high schools.
In 2008, 2009 and 2010 we organized Masterclass Hands-on-Cern workshops also in Poznan.

School Sessions

In the year 2004 we started realization of the Roland Maze Project: due to financial support from the City of Lodz authorities we are building cosmic ray detector network in the Lodz high schools. Students participate in constructing of the array, writing software for data gathering and analysis and will have access to experimental results in the future.

We help to organize the Roland Maze Scientific Sessions in Lodz high schools. The sessions are devoted to topics connected to the Roland Maze Project, and also to more general topics of modern physics and astrophysics.

Up to now seven such sessions have been organized:

Every year since 2000 we participate in the Lodz Festival of Science, Technics and Art. During the Festival we give popular lectures for wide audience and organize Open Days in our Institute.